Credentials can only be managed on a folder level, not at the level of individual build jobs.

Note: It is strongly recommended to use a separate account for providing credentials, which only has read access to your source code

Note: Unlike with passwords, other project administrators will be able to see any private keys input into the service.

To add new credentials to a folder, click Credentials in the sidebar.

Credentials button
Project folder page with Credentials link highlighted

This will take you to the Credentials page for that folder. The credentials available for the folder are shown at the top, and below are shown the domains to which these credentials belong. In the image below, the two credentials listed at the top belong to the global domain of Jenkins - these credentials are accessible by all projects on Anvil.

Credentials page
Credentials page.

We want to add credentials just to this project, so click either Folder in the sidebar, or the project name under the P column (both options are circled in red), and then select Global credentials (unrestricted) on the page that follows. Alternatively, you can directly go to the global credentials by clicking the global link next to the project on the Credentials page (circled in blue).

Once on the Global credentials (unrestricted) page, click Add Credentials in the sidebar to add your credentials. Again, the 'global' refers only to the project folder you are in.

Global credentials page
Global credentials page.

You can now select the kind of credentials you wish to add, and enter the relevant information. Once you click OK, all the jobs in your project will be able to use those credentials.

Adding credentials
Add Credentials page